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I have spent time trying to improve the dashboard. Mike wants accuracy metrics, which TIM provides, and favours MAPE as the easiest for a layperson to understand. I have tried to explain that MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error) will not work in this scenario as the target variable (the production of solar panel) will very often be zero, so MAPE will cause problems. I would rather display in graph form the previous seven days showing predictions vs Actuals, but Mike is keen to use the metrics from TIM (I am beginning to think this project is just a showcase for TIM). I have included MAPE, but also Mean Squared Error and Root Mean Squared Error too. At the moment, as there is still work to be done on the data side, the accuracy scores are not good, but this doesn’t seem to worry Mike at the moment.

This brings up an interesting point about employer/employee and company/client relations. As a developer, I know how I want to tackle a project, which may differ from the client. It seems to me at this stage that while it is important I explain my workflow and justifications for that workflow, the client’s needs must be met.

It also brings up some thoughts about requirements engineering and Project Scope Creep. As the project has developed new requirements have been introduced that meet the business side of things rather than the application side. As we didn’t do a formal sign off of requirements at the start it is difficult to not renegotiate. That is a definite learning point for me.

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