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Mike from ST-Energy 360 really wants the model built and predict parts split into two separate parts. This doesn’t make sense to me as one of the selling points of TIM is real-time instant ML. However, I have to realise that he is the customer, and this is an internship, not just a placement.

This has been a wholly frustrating exercise. There is very little documentation about the process and Mike himself doesn’t seem to know technically how it works. All my tests have come back with errors so far.

I am beginning to realise that Mike doesn’t know the technical aspects of using the Python API and is going back to Tangent Works International with my questions. This is a really frustrating process as it takes time. I have asked if I could have direct contact with them, but he seems reluctant. I think he is wanting to keep the details of the project from them. He is coming back with answers that make no sense. I need to have another meeting with him.

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